Friday, 28 November 2014

Sean Kelly: Tassel King

So I finally finished watching Season 13 of Project Runway and ohmy was I pleased with the result. I've been a huge supporter of Sean Kelly's garments and victory danced ALOT when the result was revealed. I think it was his craftsmanship with fringe that really won me over. I find its fluid movement so enchanting and oddly mouthwatering. I LOVE FRINGE. So when I went to the city centre to gather primary sources for my textile "Metropolis Metamorphosis" project, I was enthralled by lines and how it created such intricate structure amongst the building, and therefore i HAD to experiment with lines for my project. And this led me to fringe... 

And as a result, I CAN USE KELLY AS INSPO TO HAVE A FRINGED DRESS WOOOooOO. What illustrates and transforms lines more than the beauty of fringe?! I can't wait to create a garment inspired by this. However, unlike Kelly, I cannot buy fringe and have to somehow make my own! So now my homework is to research a way to create my own fringe, wish me luck :)

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